Our Mission

Simple Solutions to Real Challenges

Sometimes the most powerful solutions are the simplest. We see the challenges facing our communities today: Affordable Housing, Senior Care, Loneliness and Isolation, Savings Rates, Wage Stagnation, The Environment, and Individual Happiness and Quality of Life. We want to make a difference and we know you do too. How does sharing your space or living in a shared space make a difference?

A Host can increase their income by $6,000-$10,000 by bringing in a Guest.
A Guest can save $6,000-$10,000 on housing costs by living with a Host.
A Host can have the companionship and interaction with a guest that will eliminate the negative effect of loneliness and isolation.
A Guest can have a mentor or companion to support and befriend them.
A Host can have someone involved with their life to help with preparing meals, getting groceries, and taking care of the home.
A Guest can serve and feel the happiness of doing something for someone in need.
A Host gets to stay in the home where they have lived for years and perhaps raised their children.
A Guest gets to be in a home they could not afford at this point.

Fewer homes need to be built if we use the existing homes and spaces more efficiently, thus reducing the impact on the environment of new construction. Roomsharing is not a new concept. It takes place today and is arrange through personal connections and word of mouth. We want to provide a platform so that more people can share in the benefits of roomsharing without a lot of the headaches, Keen makes it easy.